Luminary PP Day 1 and 2

This weekend marked the start of principal photography for my short film titled Luminary.


Friday was a stressful day to say the least. You don’t realize how many little things you need to prepare for a film until the day before. Whitty Jay and I ran into communication problems so we didn’t arrive at RU until Saturday at 1:30am, Our plan was to go friday night so we could test lighting and be set for the first scene and we did just that. Falling asleep somewhere close to 4am.


It was a good thing we set up lighting the night before because it really saved some time during production. everything went pretty smooth except for my envisioned steady cam shot. We wrapped a bit late for the first scene but we still caught up with eating lunch and setting up simultaneously. The next scene to do was Mitch’s Bedroom i had a hard time staging this scene and we started about an hour and a half late. After i was happy with the set up, we lit it fairly quick mixing color temperatures all day. After this was all said and done i believe we were an hour over schedule, I had the idea to Shoot the EXT car scene with just Billy and i so that we could still finish around 6. It worked out great, Whitty and Lauren where cleaning up the location while me and billy were getting go pro crazy. We got the coverage we needed and headed back to keith’s crib. We packed the car and started on our journey to the cape. For dinner we hit up the infamous grease trucks to fill our stomachs with some fat beaches.


I was pretty tired the night before and woke up this morning forgetting when i feel sleep and not setting an alarm for 6:40am. I woke up at 7:40 and call is 8. I still needed to do so much before 8 like get breakfast food for my brother to cook and pick up zach as well as start to set up lighting. Of course i am in a complete rush and i can’t find my wallet anywhere, got to love it. Anyway I got the essentials and everyone had a decent breakfast. Our first scene and later to realize our only scene of the day was Mitch’s living room at home. We feel a little behind schedule but made up time in the end. I was pretty stoked about the lighting and hopefully um not the only one haha. Because of the rain we decided to not do the beach scene this morning. I was super stoked to do it but you can’t fight nature. We wrapped after that, had a production meeting, eat some food and we called it a day. Drove back to philly in some nice rain unloaded the gear with Whit and Laur and parked the whip. Stopped in my uncles before biking back to center city.

So stoked about my cast and crew thank you all, this script means a lot to me and i am really excited to see it as it develops.

well thats it two more weekends yewww

imageRU Driving
imageSlate it
imageSo what am i supposed to do?